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ClearGlass has evolved from the work of FCA’s IDWG and is completely aligned with the developments under CTI

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What you can do with ClearGlass

1. Easy Data Collection

Through ClearGlass, asset owners can request data from asset managers according to the standardized IA and IDWG templates.​

2. Format Validation

ClearGlass checks the data to ensure the format is valid as per the IA and IDWG template.

3. Effective Data Analysis

Compare and analyse all the cost and data charges.

4. Effortless Reporting

Create reports directly from the platform, at the click of a button.

How ClearGlass works

Caters to multiple stakeholders

Asset Managers

Be at the forefront of your industry, receive compliance certificates hassle-free.

Asset Owners

Aggregate and analyse all your cost and charges data, painlessly.


All your data, in one place. Generate bespoke reports whenever necessary.

Why use ClearGlass?

With ClearGlass, we wanted to offer asset managers a simple way to share sensitive cost and performance information with their clients. The templates were designed and agreed by the asset management and asset owner industries. ClearGlass aims to always be at the cutting edge of cost data collection standards.

We are committed to the protection of your data

Data Security

We store data securely within servers in the EU.

Data Usage

We never use your data without permission.

Data Integrity

We will never sell your data, ever.

GDPR Compliant

We are working towards achieving GDPR compliance.

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