ClearGlass is an independent data company that has evolved from the work of the Financial Conduct Authority’s Institutional Disclosure Working Group (IDWG). The FCA set up an independent group to develop a standard framework that can be adopted by the asset managers to share costs and charges data with their institutional clients. Dr Chris Sier, chairman of ClearGlass, chaired FCA’s group and realised the complexity the industry would face once the templates were to be released. ClearGlass was created to assist with the adoption of the standard framework by asset owners and asset managers respectively. The cost collection process is made simple and cheap, and the output, interesting and understandable.

ClearGlass has been launched as a social company so that all pension funds, irrespective of size, can access the service and obtain their cost data cheaply and easily.

Our Model


ClearGlass’ model is very simple: It works for asset owners and collects data according to the standardised CTI templates supported by the PLSA, IA and LGPS SAB. With ClearGlass, you can collect cost using whatever framework is relevant to your jurisdiction and product.

Fair For Everyone

ClearGlass aims to be an ubiquitous, low-cost data collection utility for asset owners and will constantly seek to reduce its already low fees.


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Customer Experience


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