We value data security and keep it safe and secure using standard practices.

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Data Usage

What we will do

Summarise the data according to the IDWG User Template by mandate/product and across mandates for a particular asset owner.

Provide ‘basic reporting’ to asset owners

Create algorithms to ‘sense check’ and create tolerances to provide better reports

Work with benchmarking experts within the industry to create a comparative analysis.

What we will never do

Release any sensitive information that may be attributed to any individual Asset Owner or Manager.

Reveal the identity of individual Asset Owners or Managers while providing collectivised data/benchmark reports.

Create collectivised reports without ‘Safe Harbour’ rules (always have a big enough sample size so data cannot be attributed to a particular organization).

Sell your data to a third party

Data storage

The data between all our services is strongly
encrypted according to industry best practices.

Regularly scheduled data backups.

Our data resides in the cloud, thus enabling
high availability and redundancy.

Data Security

Our systems are firewall-protected and automatically monitored to detect and neutralize threats.

We strictly assess our product iterations to qualify against our security standards, making them secure by design.

Our services are regularly scanned for vulnerability checks. We also perform penetration testing on a periodic basis.

GDPR Compliant

We will ask first, always.

No data will ever be captured without a user's consent. We'll be observing this practice very closely.

Regular Inspection & Audit

We'll constantly measure and audit the process and procedures of data storage, that will ensure privacy of a user's data.

Control over Data

A user will have full control on the personal data that they had consented to give. Similarly, they can also exercise their right to withdraw consent and request their personal data to be deleted.