Pension Funds can collect costs and charges data from their underlying asset managers using ClearGlass

We also report MiFID II numbers


PENSION FUNDS PAY £100​ for every request sent to their underlying asset managers.

  • For ex. if a pension fund is invested in 6 pooled funds and 3 segregated funds with 3 funds managers they would pay 6*100 + 3*100 = 900 pounds.


Advisors can collect costs and charges data on behalf of their clients.

  • Advisors must have the necessary approval from their clients, and pricing is the same as for direct pension fund clients.
  • ClearGlass can build an aggregated view for advisors to allow them to visualise data for all of their clients.


Get assistance to complete and submit cost data for all your clients.

  • Asset Managers receive invites from their clients to sign-up to ClearGlass and then to submit cost & charges data.
  • All extant and historic requests are visible, and can be managed, from the Asset Manager Dashboard on the platform.


Fiduciary Managers can collect costs from their underlying asset managers and also add their own costs and report it to their clients.

  • ClearGlass offers a digital dashboard where clients are able to see the cost of their fiduciary manager , as well as lookthrough on underlying asset manager products.