Pension Fund

ClearGlass’s simple dashboard makes it easy for you to request cost data from asset managers. 
Use that to review and analyse cost data, all in one place.

1. Initial Setup

Go through an easy on-boarding process to setup your pension scheme account

2. Add a Product

Then, add a mandate/ fund to the scheme that you want to collect data for

3. Request Submissions

Send data submission requests for a product to an asset manager

4. Analyse

Data collected, is rendered in form of charts and graphs for analysis

5. Create Reports

Add tables, charts and graphs from cost type analysis to create custom reports

6. Assign Users

Create access for other users and assign them permissions to use the dashboard

Asset Manager

Staying compliant with dynamic regulations can be painful, which is why ClearGlass makes it effortless.
Log in to the ClearGlass Dashboard and submit data according to the right templates, with a few steps.

1. View Requests

Manage cost data submission requests across different strategies

2. Submit Data

Fill out and upload the excel sheet within the required time and submit it

3. Get Compliance

Wait for the validation to run, report errors- if any, and get compliance


ClearGlass enables you to access the cost data of all your clients within one dashboard.
With this, you can create bespoke reports swiftly and guide your clients better.

1. Get Access

Client assigns advisors with access and permissions to view cost data analysis

2. Cost Analysis

View cost data analysis for the schemes they provide consultancy to

3. Reporting

Create custom reports for your clients and help them understand their costs better


We take data security seriously. You can only access the data of clients who have given written permission.